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Cranoglanis bouderius
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Original Description:
Richardson, J. (1846) Report on the ichthyology of the seas of China and Japan. Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 15th meeting, 1845, 187-320.
The genus Cranoglanis with three species is placed in its own family Cranoglanididae.  These catfishes are endemic to southern China including Hainan Island, and Viet Nam. In spite of its generalized morphology, this small clade has long been isolated from other catfishes due to uncertainty over its relationships to other catfishes. Cranoglanis has been variously thought related to Bagridae, Pangasiidae or Schilbidae.  A recent molecular phylogenetic studies by Hardman (2005, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution) and Sullivan et al. (2006, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution) and one morphological study by Diogo et al. (2002, Journal of Morphology) indicate a sistergroup relationship between Cranoglanididae and Ictaluridae, thus answering a long-standing question about the deeper origins of the North American catfishes.
Last Modified: August 22 2006